Dear colleagues and partners,

I am glad to introduce our company OOO BIM-BETONSTROY. We are a dynamic and promising company operating in the market of industrial construction.

Since the foundation of the company we have been striving to show our customers the high quality and professionalism in construction of factories, warehouses, as well as in installation of industrial floors.

My colleagues possess not only great theoretical, but also vast practical experience. For us the most important aspect of the construction industry is the quality and guarantee of durability and functionality of the facilities. Strictly following the latest trends in construction business, we will offer you a personalized approach and guaranteed fulfillment of our commitments.

We offer our customer a comprehensive approach to construction of an industrial facility. We will carry out timely and with high quality any stages of construction from design and installation of foundation and industrial floor with reinforced top layer to installation of all the necessary engineering systems and landscaping of the adjacent territory. Few construction companies are able to offer such a wide range of services in the field of industrial engineering.

We will make your money work efficiently!