We build the industrial projects of varying complexity. The company has a long and unique experience in the construction of factories in various industries.

BIM-BETONSTROY will offer you construction of a plant for any industrial purpose using the most modern materials and designs of the highest quality. Our experts will build an industrial facility according to all the rules and regulations, taking into account the local geology, the desired production capacity, and, certainly, all the requests of the customer. This will allow us to create the most reliable and functional facility for you.


Today construction of plants differs greatly from construction of industries in the earlier periods. Nowadays great progress of technology allows you to implement quickly and efficiently projects of all types of industrial facilities.

Construction of factories is a very time-consuming process that requires a considerable amount of resources, both financial and human. BIM-BETONSTROY will offer its customer the best and most profitable option of the quality-to-price ratio without loss of the reliability and durability of the factory and without increase of the period of construction.

A team of experienced professionals of BIM-BETONSTROY will approach the project with maximal responsibility and scrupulousness. To do everything at the highest level, the company will offer its customers a comprehensive approach to construction including the following steps:

  • the land preparatory work and installation of the foundation;
  • laying out all the necessary internal and external utilities;
  • installation of the frame and floors;
  • installation of the floor structures;
  • installation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
  • facadeworksandroofing;
  • finishingandlandscaping.

BIM-BETONSTROY provides all the basic cycles of construction, from the preparatory stage to finishing and landscaping.

We are committed to long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions. With us, you will get not only a ready high-quality facility built by experienced professionals in their field, but also you will multiply your professional reputation. After all, your plant is our face!

OOO BIM-BETONSTROY took part in construction of the following plants:

  • “The expansion of the plant for the production of fruit fillings, AGRANA LLC Fruit Moscow region”, located at the address: Moscow region, Serpukhov, Festivalnaya st., 5.

 Площадь застройки – 8 000 м2

  • Совместное российско-бельгийское предприятие по выпуску инновационных высоковольтных проводов нового поколения для ЛЭП «Сим Росс Ламифил» , объект «Цех по производству неизолированных проводов» расположенный по адресу : Ярославская обл., г.Углич, Камышевское шоссе д. 10-Б.

Площадь застройки – 6000 м2