On March 15th in the town of Uglich an innovative line of energy-efficient bare wires of new generation was opened at the plant of Sim-Ross- Lamifil LLC for the public order of FGC UES JSC for power systems of the Far East.

The event was attended by the Director of New Business department of SIA (Strategic Initiative Agency) and chairman of the Leaders’ Club Artem Avetisyan, the mayor of the city of Uglich Sergei Maklakov, President of the Group of Companies Sim-Ross Nikita Topuridze and others.

The project of arrangement of production of energy-efficient bare wires of new generation was supported by the Supervisory Council of the Strategic Initiatives Agency (the head of the supervisory board of ASI is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin) in November, last year. The project is supported by the New Business Department of SIA. The purpose of the project consists in upgrading the power grids with modern energy-efficient power lines and reducing the electricity transmission losses. As acknowledged by the Russian Ministry of Energy, the project development promotes energy efficiency and energy security of the Russian energy sector as a whole.

Joint Russian-Belgian company Sim-Ross-Lamifil in Uglich is the first and the only company in Russia to produce a new generation of wires. Their use can reduce significantly the carbon dioxide emissions during the production of electricity and reduce the electromagnetic emission and grid accident risk. The total cost of the Project of arrangement of production of the energy-efficient bare wires of the new generation is estimated at 811 million rubles.

Attestation Commission of FGC IDGC Holding provided recommendations on the use of wires at the sites of FGC UES JSC and IDGC Holding JSC. “Currently our factory is at the start-up stage, GOST certification is at its final stage. We had an important support of the Strategic Initiatives Agency and the New business department,” said the president of the Group of Companies Sim-Ross, Nikita Topuridze. “The first order of FGC UES JSC is placed at the plant. The project is carried out in the Far East, it includes crossing the Zeya River which can be performed only with the use of our innovative technologies. In this case the cost of the power line construction is reduced significantly and its lifetime increases.”

“The project meets the priorities of modernization and economic development of the country”. - The director of the New Business department of SIA, the Chairman of Leaders’ Club, Artem Avetisyan noted. “However, the existing state standards do not allow the full use of the advantages of such innovative products as the wires of new generation. With assistance of the Agency on February 15, 2013 Rosstandart reviewed this issue together with experts and market stakeholders. The plan of actions on actualization of the standard is for use of high-voltage bare wires of a new type and production of wire rod of aluminum alloys. The program of development of national standards for 2013 includes the development of two standards such as for wires and wire rod made of aluminum alloy. Our joint work on updating the existing normative and technical documentation will remove the administrative barriers to the introduction of new innovative solutions and create a favorable environment including for other market participants planning to organize the similar productions," said Artyom Avetisyan.